An art project – Golden Lifetree

The Golden Lifetree grows
for Peace and Harmony around the world

Golden Lifetree is an independant non-profit project which creates a connection through art to the soul and nature and nourishes peace and harmony in the world.

Caravan of the Golden Lifetree

The project moves as the Caravan of the Golden Lifetree around the world and makes stops in different countries. With various exhibitions and events it creates a platform for people to meet each other and nature freely and blissfully anew for a harmonious and conscious living together on planet Earth.

Messenger of Peace

Thus, the project spreads as a Messenger of Peace it’s light trails around the globe and shapes a Golden Net of Universal Love that helps unite people as earth siblings with each other in a new consciousness.

The project honors through it’s activities our wonderful planet, it’s trees and forests, waters and mountains and all the elements and sensitizes the people of their heritage, creating a reconnection with their true essence and soul.

On the route of the caravan honorable Silent Visits are taking place to old, large and important trees. Smoenjala brings to every tree a painting of pure gold as a gift. In this way full of in gratitude and deep compassion the planet gets returned that of which she has been exploited since ancient times. The information of gold in it’s material and subtle frequency is worked into the ground by the trees and so the Golden Flow of Universal Love spreads.

World Meditations with Trees

Wherever it is possible Smoenjala will guide meditations with the trees in order to strengthen their original healing powers again. Everyone is invited to participate – whether connected personally on location or in the spirit from distance, at the proposed time, or in a silent moment.

The spirits of the trees now need support so that they can fulfill their service to the world with new strenght, because this power was abused for a long time worldwide. For each tree a pure light channel of Universal Love will be opened and contribute to the healing of the tree and the place. So the trees can let flow their original healing powers into the world in a new light quality through the roots into the earth and through it’s crown into the world and into the collective. Everyone who connects to this channel may let this new quality of energy frow through his heart and grow insinde and spread through his actions into the world and thus actively contribute to own healing and development and that of the planet and the collective and help to shape a new planetary future.

New Places of Power

The healing power of trees along with new frequencies of information of the elements form “energy places” through which the Golden Flow of Universal Love streams and so contributes to the cleansing and healing for all beings and the planet as a whole in harmony with creation.

Thereby on the path of the caravan ~ one by one ~ new “Power Places of Universal Love” arise, obtained through the trees and connected by the light trace of the route and in people’s consciousness and form a Golden Net around the globe.