Thank You…

… to all those who support Smoenjala and the Project of the Golden Lifetree with their small or big contribution on the only true and blessed level of humanity!

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gunter_paul.jpgGunter and Martina Paul for helping to organize the Golden Lifetree presentation at “aktiv + vital” Messe Dresden, Gunter’s programming skills and their hospitality!

biyond_peter_brendlin.jpg…Peter and Angelika Brendlin for being great connectors, contributors, organizers and caring hosts!

jupiter_verlag_schneider.jpg…Adolf and Inge Schneider for being curious, spirited and dedicated to the New Age. Thank you for welcoming Smoenjala and the Golden Lifetree at the congresses for New Energy Technologies.

klaus_volkamer.jpg…Klaus and Helga Volkamer for following their vision tirelessly in deep and inspiring gratitude. Dr. rer. nat. Volkamer’s scientific accomplishment of weighing the subtle existence and performing various experiments with Smoenjala shows once again the healing effects of her presence and paintings.

walter_dederichs.jpg…Walter Dederichs for being a great architekt, precise person and dedicated Golden Lifetree Lover!

heart.jpg…for all the helping hands, positive vibes, supportive energies and blessings!