Peace Flag of the Golden Lifetree

The sunlight, which gives our planet life, the human eye perceives as “white light”. When viewed through a prism, we learn that this light combines all colors of the rainbow in it. The rainbow is known across cultures as a symbol of the connection to a higher contemplation – the bridge from man to man, nation to nation, world to world, heart to heart.

The rainbow flag is at the present time an established symbol of peace between nations. Also in other cultures there are similar traditions, such as the colorful Tibetan prayer flags – carried by the wind – to transmit the entire universe peace, wisdom and happiness.

And so Smoenjala paints on an “endlessly”-long white linen banner Rainbow Lifetrees, which are dancing joyfully through the air as a sign of a peaceful coexistence on planet Earth.

Here every Lifetree is like a gate, which, like a prism, opens up the “white light” as a symbol of unity into it’s facets and allows to recognize the richness and beauty the colors of the rainbow equivalent to the people, nations and cultures. Each Rainbow Lifetree banner is a symbol of the peaceful union of diversity.