The Forest of the Golden Lifetree

Everywhere, where the “Caravan of Golden Lifetree” is welcome, an artwork is created through Smoenjala ~ a personal Tree of Life for the country, which represents its energetic potential.

The proportions of the paintings are always formulated according to each land.

Each painting of the “Golden Lifetree” project is a numbered, hand signed unique piece of art. Each person who receives such a painting gets an individually designed certificate which can be issued upon wish to the name of the new “Gardener of the Lifetree” and signed by the artist.

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Golden Lifetree of La Gomera

The first event of the worldproject “Golden Lifetree” came to a glorious end on July 26, 2013 with the ceremonial “planting” of the scultpure of the “Golden Lifetree” inside the building of the Island’s Council, “Cabildo Insular”, in San Sebastián de La Gomera.

The sculpture, created and donated by Smoenjala out of deep love and respect for the island of La Gomera and its people, symbolizes the revival of the life force of the Gomeran rainforest after the fire 2012.

As a basis, a burned tree of La Gomera was used, coated with different metal gauzes and pearls were added. The flowing forms of the gauzes represent the life-giving fog of the Gomeran rain forest and the beads the transformed water drops. The trunk of the Golden Lifetree was applied in sophisticated technology with effect sheet metal. The socle is formed of carved pieces of palm fronds and the foot is covered with gomeran earth. The sculpture is about 2.5 meters high.

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