A Silent Visit

It is an act of deep gratitude, where Smoenjala takes a painting as a gift to the forcegiving forest or tree of the respective area. A small painting that is handed over to Nature. The paper for this painting is environmentally friendly ~ handmade from fast growing, renewable materials, acid- and chemical free. The painting pictures a Golden Lifetree, applied from pure gold foil.

Our planet has been exploited – also on her subtle levels. Especially her gold stocks are affected. Through this act the authentic information of gold is given back to the trees, forests and Mother Earth to reinforce them.

A quiet, honorable visit to the forest ~ to the tree ~ takes place to make a soul~connection of Universal Love and to transmit deep gratitude.

Everyone, who wishes to join this silent prayer, is heartly invited to do so.


Silent Visits of the Caravan of the Golden Lifetree


  • The Caravan of the Golden Lifetree is on the way and draws traces of the Golden Light of Universal Love around planet Earth. The latest informations on Silent Visits and other events as well as contemplative impressions to deepen into the worlds of the trees, please visit the blog.


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hohle_eiche.jpgHollow Oak ~ the second “Silend Visit”

On the 31st of October 2014 we visited the “Hollow Oak” near Gersbach in the area of the Black Forest in Germany.

On a beautiful sunny autumn day we drove high up to the magnificent tree through beautiful views of the Black Forest landscapes. She welcomed us warmly and openheartedly and took the golden gift with joy into her womb. Generously she gave us a great feeling of peace and harmony inside and pleased us with all her beauty… here you can see some of the impressions we were able to take with us.

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stiller_besuch.jpgErika arborea ~ the first “Silent Visit”

On the 5th of August 2013 the first Silent Visit took place, after the Closing of the exhibition in San Sebastian de La Gomera, which also completed the first Golden Lifetree Event.

At sunset we drove to Los Baranquillos, above Arure to the original tree – an Erika – which enrichens and reaffirms the project with the elemental power of the laurel forest. In silence – with humility and gratitude – we left the tree our appreciation in the form of a Golden Lifetree painting.

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