Opening of the exhibition and start of the worldwide peace project Golden Lifetree

1. Festival of the Golden Lifetree

San Sebastian de La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain
July 4th – 26th 2013

plakat_A4_EN_web.pngThe Worldproject steps into this world with the festival “Celebrating the Golden Lifetree” from July 4th – 6th and the exhibition of Healing Art in the auditorium of the Island Council in San Sebastian de La Gomera which form the first Golden Lifetree Event. The paintings will be exposed daily from 9 – 2pm until July 26th.

The three-day festival has it’s grand opening on 4th of July at 18:30 with a wonderful vernissage & buffet, a ceremonious traditional procession, accompanied by the music association “Chácaras y Tambores Amolàn” from San Sebastián, as well as a “silent” concert with crystal bowls and sounds for the souls, brought to resonate by Christel “Shemoa” Staubitz and Smoenjala.

The second day of the festival starting at 6pm in the amphitheater of the park “Torre del Conde” in San Sebastián, is a fusion of tradition and future, a fusion of artists of various genres – amongst them the canarian artist, musitian and composer Juan Mesa, Adrian Grassner, Christel “Shemoa” Staubitz and Smoenjala. This day culminates in a meditative and unique video-projection-show “Journey into the Golden Lifetree”. It is a special audio-visual journey with music derived from the force-giving painting of the “Golden Lifetree” with a special technique and photographs of the same assambled and compiled by Alexandra Siebert.

The last day of the festival is dedicated to the children. Starting from 6pm they are invited to the amphitheater of “Torre del Conde” to paint (they are also welcome to bring their own painting utensils) and sing with Smoenjala.

During the one-month exhibition Smoenjala will be creating the Golden Lifetree Sculpture of La Gomera. In a ceremonial act on July 26 she will give it as a present to the island of La Gomera and symbolically plant inside the building of the Island’s Council. The finissage of the exhibition will take place in the exhibition hall with a tasteful buffet.

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Some impressions of the Opening Event, the Festival “Celebrating the Golden Lifetree” and Smoenjala‘s exhibition of Healing Paintings to share the joy and harmony with the world.

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Creating the Sculpture of La Gomera

Close to the ocean in the Centro de Visitantes in San Sebastián de La Gomera, every afternoon after the exhibition, the Golden Lifetree Sculpture of La Gomera came to life bit by bit… It was symbolically planted in the Cabildo Insular on July 26th at 7pm. This present from Smoenjala to the Island of La Gomera is a monument for the revival of the rainforest after the fire in 2012.

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The first event of the worldproject Golden Lifetree came to a glorious end on July 26, 2013 with the ceremonial “planting” of the scultpure of the “Golden Lifetree” inside the building of the Island’s Council, “Cabildo Insular”, in San Sebastián de La Gomera. The sculpture, created and donated by Smoenjala out of deep love and respect for the island of La Gomera and its people, symbolizes the revival of the life force of the Gomeran rainforest after the fire 2012.