La Gomera ~ An Island full of Wonder

tree tree

“All seasons appear in the same house. Trees exhale into the air the rain that gave them life. There may be others, but this is paradise. Here silence is also a tree.”

Garajonay Juan Cruz Ruíz

“Garajonay is awash with it’s tears – tears of joy that run from the leaves – the eyes – of every plant spinning webs out and up into the clouds. And so, without a drop od rain as we know it, the forest drinks from the very air. Or rather, the clouds caress its canopy, turning their sheer lightness into the rapturous splendour of a unique forest.”

GarajonayJoaquín Araújo
Writer and Naturalist

Quotes taken from the book:
Garajonay – La Selva de Canarias
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