The Golden Lifetree


By the Tree of Life we will awake to a New Life. It shows what we are and where life is leading us to. The Lifetree is a map that helps people to get through the maze of life, right to their deepest core and their own Highest Truth. It represents the synthesis of heaven and earth, it is the symbol of the balance between the worlds, stands for harmony, perpetual renewal and rebirth. The Tree of Life is the quintessence of all that Life is.

The Golden Lifetree corresponds to the Golden Ray of Light of Universal Love. Through this Lifetree the Flow of Universal Love is revived on our planet, and rooted with a new frequency. Thus ~ through the Art of Empathy ~ it is possible for every human being and every living form to re-integrate this strength and potentiate it with each other. Out of this, the Golden Lifetree grows and thrives around the globe. She connects the innermost Purest Light of Mother Earth ~ her feminine sun Solaris ~ with all the planets of our galaxy and the entire Cosmos. In our world, by the power of Universal Love, she connects our brothers and sisters the trees, the elements, people and cultures. She represents the Golden Age of humanity and the planet Earth. She grows, she flourishes and carries new fruits and seeds in order to awaken to a New Life… This completed awareness will lift us up to the Garden of Eden.


A primal tree of the National Park Garajonay on the Canary Island of La Gomera is the first force giving tree for the mission of the Golden LIfetree. She is represented in the form of a painting as the initial symbol of the project, which starts with an exhibition of paintings of trees and forests. They are interconnected in a new quality, expressed by the growth of the Golden LIfetree.

With the event “Celebrating the Golden Lifetree” the initiator Smoenjala starts the creative act of growing. It is celebrated with singing and dancing and enforced by all the people who get together in the Power of Love, to plant this tree and support her growth. Smoenjala continuously creates ~ painting by painting ~ Golden Branches around the world. They are composed together like dominoes to a giant Golden Lifetree of Universal Love.

The Caravan of the Golden Lifetree moves around the world, making stops in different countries. The act of painting the Tree of Life in various places connects trees, forests, national parks and people, cultures and their most sacred places ~ their Hearts. Smoenjala invites to Living Art Events at each station all those, who feel the inner call to celebrate together ~ also children, who may call the guardian angels of the Golden Lifetree by painting angels.

“The forest is the mother of the water” – water, as a liquid crystal, is a superior carrier of information and corresponds to the power of the Soul. Through the paintings water can adopt the information from the Golden Lifetree. Water is everywhere, in everything and everyone, so the Lifetree “flows” into every living form. Everyone who welcomes one of these paintings at home is able to produce their own energized Healing Water simply by putting water in front of the piece of art for some hours. The changes in the water are scientifically measurable and visible for example through photographs of water crystals of Dr. Masaru Emoto. In order to make a small contribution to the re-harmonization of the polluted global waters, everyone can pour some of these harmonizing essences into the waters of the planet. Therefore, the primal Power of the Soul unites with the Universal Love and the primal force of the Lifetree.



The Forest of the Golden Lifetree

In every place, where the Caravan of the Golden Lifetree is welcome, Smoenjala paints a specific Golden Lifetree for the country. It expresses the energetic presence of each land. Even where the landscapes show no trees, the Golden Lifetree might be the first tree to grow there.

“Planting” such trees in different countries creates the Forest of the Golden Lifetree. This network is connected to the cosmic and the planetary Golden Light~Web of Universal Love, expressed by the growth of the Golden Trees and Branches around the planet. Smoenjala is grateful to give this specific Golden Lifetree as a present to the country and it’s people.



The Art of Empathy

… is communication from the Source of Creation with all that there is through feelings at all levels. This allows us to go into the creative dynamics of all that is. Expressed at the very moment of feeling art is created ~ something divine is expressed in a new form, because I fill myself with the essence of all that is. In this moment I remember the state of the Oneness-With-All… I am the flower… the cell… the color… the element… I am sound… I am music… I am movement… dancing… I am the light… I am love… I am ALL


This generates in every moment a healing, creative act, which brings harmony into this world from the fields of Purest Origin. We are conscious participants in the joy of creation and at the same time we learn a purer form of communication, due to the Higher Truth of our feelings.

Through the tools of our senses we feel, through feeling with our soul we empathize into the Divine Intuition.

The gate is the Heart center through which we experience Cosmic Love and develop our emotional body. This way our Heart Center becomes the access to a harmonious future for each individual and therefore all mankind.

Smoenjala has recognized the higher correlations of this truth and called it the Art of Empathy.

She says that if we remain aware at every moment we can consciously partake as a creator of this world and thus realize what our true participation is. Accept personal responsibility to conscously participate in the joy of Creation. She shows that a new form of security and stability arises, when we encounter all that there is with veracity, dedication and empathy. This will give us the courage to leave the seemingly protective refuge of old patterns and be prepared to meet Higher Truths.


IMG_1028_be.pngGolden Branches

Each individual painting represents parts of branches of the Golden Tree of Life and contains an entire Golden Lifetree in itself ~ like the macrocosm so the microcosm. By distributing the paintings a multiple life flow arises. The individual trees are not only connected with the Golden Lifetree but also with each other, growing a light-net of Universal Love all around the globe. Anyone, who “plants” such a Golden Lifetree next and within himself, and takes care of it becomes a conscious co-creator of this network.

On this website and on youtube and facebook it is possible to follow the growth of the Golden Lifetree through it’s events and the Golden Branch paintings. For each painting a financial amount is recommended as energetic exchange, which the future Gardener of the Golden Lifetree may extend according to his feeling and thus contribute even more to it’s growth. Additionally, it is possible to get high quality art prints of the paintings. On the one hand, by selling the paintings the power of the Golden Tree of Life can find a home anywhere it is invited. On the other hand, it is the financial basis for the Caravan of the Golden Lifetree to move around the world and makes the project self-sustainable.