In deep and personal Gratitude

“Thank you to Uwe Simon Vonzin, who has been a companion on my spiritual path for many years. The human being and pure light channel streaming only the purest light informations into the world. THANK YOU SIMON for your contribution to the evolution of my soul.”

~ Smoenjala, Initiator of the world project Golden Lifetree

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Thank You…

… to all those who continuously support Smoenjala and the project of the Golden Lifetree with their small or big contribution on the true and blessed level of humanity and so enable a stable basis for growth!

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lisi.jpgLidia Siebert for her trust and truthfulness, her reliability and her multiple and creative contributions on all levels!


koni_sailer.jpg…Konrad and Elisabeth Sailer for the longlasting friendship and tireless background work.



casa_helechos.jpg…Denis and Verena von Casa Los Helechos (La Gomera) for being great friends and always helpful!

vidal.jpg…Vidal for being areliable, truthful and always helpful friend with a big warm heart!


anita.jpgAnita D. Rácz for her lovely and kind being, for spreading the Universal Love of the Golden Lifetree throughout Facebook and translating anything and everything on demand!