Golden Lifetree Events

With the opening event “Celebrating the Golden Lifetree” Smoenjala symbolically started the creative act of growing. The Tree of Life is celebrated with music and dance and enforced by all the people who get together in the power of love, to plant this tree and support her growth.

The Caravan of the Golden Lifetree moves around the world and stops in different countries. At each of these stations the growth of the Lifetree is celebrated. Art events full of Love and Joy are taking place. There it is possible to follow Smoenjala‘s creative act of the birth of the paintings. The act of painting the Tree of Life in various places connects trees, forests, national parks and people, cultures and their most sacred places – their hearts – in peace and harmony. Smoenjala invites all those, who feel the inner call, to celebrate together. Also children, who may call the Guardian Angels of the Tree of Life by painting pictures of angels. People of different fields of creativity are invited to participate in these events ~ artists as well as musicians, narrators, poets and New Age scientists. They receive a Letter of Gratitude for their contribution.