Support the growth of the Golden Lifetree!

For the world, into the world, by the world supported…

…is the vision of the Golden Lifetree project

Golden Lifetree is a non-profit project free of external guidelines. To keep it going and growing healthy and fruitfully following the vision to help manifest peace and harmony on this planet a lot of dedication, energy and financial flow is needed.

If you would like to support the Golden Lifetree in any way of your choice and imagination, please contact us.

The project and it’s activities is highly versatile and so are the possibilities how you could contribute.
Here are some examples to give you an idea…

  • Become a Patron of the Golden Lifetree
    …and see how your support flourishes benefitting the world
  • Become a Sponsoring Partner
    …and get displayed on our various online and offline advertising platforms
  • Make a Donation
    …in amount of your choice and possibility
  • Purchase an original painting
    …and the full amount will fund Golden Lifetree activities ~ visit the Sales Gallery
  • Order a unique and certified Golden Branch
    …and become part of the Golden Net of Universal Love around the planet!
  • Join the Team
    …and contribute with your skills
    (translation, organisation, communication, handcraft…)
  • Spread the Word
    …and nourish the growth of the Golden Lifetree in the cosciousness of the public
    (magazines, tv, radio, podcasts, blogs, conventions, social networks and interested and open minded people in general…)

Due to time constraints, we can provide the lovingly prepared information on this page in German and English at this time. However, the project Golden Lifetree has a growing international audience. Anyone who wants it is welcome to join our translation team and expand and spread the vision of the Golden Lifetree and the precious information to further linguistic fields.