Prickly juniper

Juniperus oxicedrus

juniperus oxycedrusBotanical: Juniperus oxicedrus
Location: Chibluco, Spain
Coordinates: 41.502254, -1.614883
Circumference: about 11 meters
Hight: about 7 meters
Age: unknown

Here you can find further information about the Prickly juniper:

You can meditatate with these images and embrace the healing energies flowing through it.
Intuitively go to the image that attracts you in this moment…
“I open myself and accept everything that flows towards me
through this Light-Gate out of the Flow of the Purest Divine Consciousness…
And i accept the healing


Photos: © Smoenjala ~ Golden Lifetree

Botanical image source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stech-Wacholder#/media/File:Juniperus_oxycedrus_-_K%C3%B6hler%E2%80%93s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-083.jpg