Silent Journey 2017

Route 2 from Germany to Portugal and La Gomera

Healing work for Earth and humanity in Portugal

Many of you already know Smoenjala’s “Journeys of Silence” ~ a special divine mission that began with the birth and as a partial aspect of the Golden Lifetree peace project in 2013. It’s about anchoring Universal Love on Earth through a Golden Network of trees and powerful places. Following this mission, Smoenjala has already visited many magnificent tree creatures and wonderful places across South-West Europe, and has provided the highest quality of light healing work in the service of earth and humanity.

And so Smoenjala starts again on a new “Journey of Silence”. There will be no pre-planned “Silent Visits” with trees on this route, as before. In the future, following the Divine Guidance, the focus will increasingly be on lightwork with certain areas and the resident trees and forests as well as trees and places to which Smoenjala is intuitively guided.

For this trip, the light work with the country of Portugal ~ the Atlantic Gate (Atlantis Gate) ~ and the area around Setúbal and Lisbon is on Smoenjala’s plan. Everyone is welcome to accompany Smoenjala with bright and peaceful thoughts, wishes and energies. If possible, she will share little “reports” with us in the Golden Lifetree blog in the form of pictures or words.

After finishing work for the planet and the human collective, Smoenjala’s journey continues to La Gomera, where – as every year – she opens her doors and gates for the healing of souls.