Help the Golden Lifetree grow

For the world, into the world, by the world supported... the vision of the "Golden Lifetree" project



Organizing events and exhibitions, createing new paintings, make new connections, spreading the message and keep the "Golden Lifetree" growing ~ healthy and strong ~ needs a lot of dedication, energy, time and financial funding. The Team is always at it's best and very grateful to welcome people with open hearts and minds to support the project.
There are many ways to do that...
  • Become a Patron of the "Golden Lifetree"
    ...because you have a feeling that is a good thing to do!

  • Become a Sponsoring Partner
    ...and get displayed on our various advertising platforms like this website, facebook, youtube or the "Golden Lifetree Caravan Car"

  • Make a Donation amount of your choice and possibility ~ every penny helps!
  • Purchase Paintings
    ...browse through the galleries in our "Sales Gallery", the full amount will fund "Golden Lifetree" activities


  • Order a "Golden Branch" painting
    ...and become part of the "Golden Net" of Universal Love around the planet!

  • Order a "Personal Healing Painting"
    ...that will support you to resonate to a more harmoneous frequency

  • Have a piece of land?
    ...make it a "Garden of Eden" and allow the "Golden Lifetree" project to establish a "Healing Art Park"!

  • Collaborate with us
    ...and organize worldwide events and exhibitions, also in your area!

  • Spread the Word
    ...about the "Golden Lifetree" project and it's events to the public in magazines, TV and radio shows, blogs...

    ...and in your social circles on the web and in person! This will help to establish familiarity and make people curious to visit this website or an event and find out what it is all about... and so the Golden Flow of the Universal Love will spread over the planet Earth!
  • Your Idea not listed here yet and you want to help us make it happen? Write us!

  • Here are some areas for inspiration...

    • Travel / Transport (flight tickets, ferry, car, caravan/transporter...)
    • Delivery services (for paintings)
    • Art supplies 
    • Accomodation
    • Space (events, concerts, exhibitions, meditations..)
    • Advertising (print and digital media)
    • Organisation support/Management
  • We have only a few days before starting the first tour of the "Golden Lifetree Caravan" from Hungary to the Canarian Islands and back... The Caravan will bring the paintings to Europe and visit special trees on the way and honour them in a "Silent Visit" – Would you Like to join?

  • Do you have an idea for Exhibition Places, Congresses or other platforms to present the "Golden Lifetree" project?

  • The "Golden Lifetree" Team is looking for a passionate manager to enrich and complement our team.

    Feel free to contact us!


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