For the world, into the world,
by the world supported ...


... is the vision of the "Golden Lifetree" project ...
To organize events and exhibitions, create new paintings, move around and keep flowing and growing the "Golden Lifetree" Team, according to actual structures on this planet, needs monetary background to do so. In the same measure the "Golden Lifetree" also needs people with open hearts and minds to help in other ways..
The team has been creative to make it as easy as possible for anyone who wishes to support the growth of the Golden Lifetree and collected a list of ways to do so...
  • you can browse through the galleries on this website, purchase paintings and other kinds of art ...

  • you can make a donation in amount of your choice and possibility
  • you can help us in many different ways.. we are open and thankful for ideas and gladly suggest some areas for your inspiration:

    • Travel / Transport (flight tickets, ferry, car, caravan ...)
    • Delivery services
    • Art supplies 
    • Accomodation
    • Space (events, concerts, exhibitions, meditations..)
    • Advertising (print and digital media)
    • Organisation support
.. and spread the word about the "Golden Lifetree" project in your social circles on the web and in person! This will help to establish familiarity and make people curious to visit our website or an event and so the golden flow of the Universal Love will spread over the planet Earth..
  • At this moment the focus is on organising various events and exhibitions for 2014 and we are looking for suitable spaces..
    Feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions!






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